Prof. Wim Jiskoot (DDT) the most famous JPharmSci author

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The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences lists the top-ten most downloaded papers for papers published each quarter of the year. In the most recent listing for January - March 2012 issues, three papers from Prof. Wim Jiskoot, all of which were published in the March 2012 issue, were among the top-ten.

There have already been a total of more than 5000 downloads of the full-length articles, and that number continues to grow. This is a remarkable accomplishment and shows the important impact that that the work of Prof. Jiskoot and his colleagues have in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and research on the development of therapeutic proteins.


Forced degradation of therapeutic proteins Andrea Hawe, Michael Wiggenhorn, Marco van de Weert, Joerg H. O. Garbe, Hanns-christian Mahler, Wim Jiskoot 

Particles in therapeutic protein formulations, Part 1: Overview of analytical methods Sarah Zölls, Ruedeeporn Tantipolphan, Michael Wiggenhorn, Gerhard Winter, Wim Jiskoot, Wolfgang Friess, Andrea Hawe 

Protein instability and immunogenicity: Roadblocks to clinical application of injectable protein delivery systems for sustained release Wim Jiskoot, Theodore W. Randolph, David B. Volkin, C. Russell Middaugh, Christian Schöneich, Gerhard Winter, Wolfgang Friess, Daan J. A. Crommelin, John F. Carpenter