Professor Joke Bouwstra has received her tenth STW grant

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Professor Joke Bouwstra has received her tenth STW grant: She has been granted a 1,1 million Euro to develop novel formulations for barrier repair in atopic eczema patients.

Joke Bouwstra has for many years performed frontier research on the skin barrier. The barrier plays an import role in the delivery of drugs through the skin. Joke has always had a keen interest in skin diseases. There is strong evidence that several skin diseases could be triggered by an impaired skin barrier. Atopic eczema is such a disease. It is a relapsing inflammatory disease that is rapidly increasing especially in developed countries. In a previous project, her team has performed a comprehensive analysis of the lipids in the skin barrier of atopic eczema patients together with LACDR colleagues and the academic hospitals of Leiden and Rotterdam. For the first time, lipid properties were associated with a reduced barrier function and the severity of the disease in patients suffering from this malfunction.

Thanks to this new grant, Joke’s team together with colleagues at the academic hospital in Leiden, will develop novel formulations to enhance skin barrier repair and reduce skin inflammation in atopic eczema patients.