Tumor cell and tumor vasculature targeted liposomes for neutron capture therapy

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Radiochimica Acta, Volume 93, Number 9-10, pp. 589-593 (2005)




drug-delivery systems; boron delivery; in-vitro; endothelial-cells; cancer-therapy; growth; immunoliposomes; inhibition; peptide; agents


Treatment of cancer using boron neutron capture therapy requires the specific accumulation of a relatively high concentration of B-10 into tumor cells or tumor vasculature. In this paper. targeted liposomes were evaluated as carriers of B-10 for this purpose. (Na2B12H12)-B-10 was successfully encapsulated into liposomes and relatively high amounts of B-10 could be targeted to ovarian carcinoma cells (OVCAR-3) and endothelial cells (HUVEC). This was achieved by coupling a monoclonal antibody or an RGD peptide to the liposomes. The results suggest that targeted liposomes could meet the requirements of successful neutron capture therapy in the near future.