Towards tailored vaccine delivery: Needs, challenges and perspectives

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Journal Article


J Contr Rel, Volume 161, Issue 2, pp. 363-376 (2012)


1873-4995 (Electronic)01

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The ideal vaccine is a simple and stable formulation which can be conveniently administered and provides life-long immunity against a given pathogen. The development of such a vaccine, which should trigger broad and strong B-cell and T-cell responses against antigens of the pathogen in question, is highly dependent on tailored vaccine delivery approaches. This review addresses vaccine delivery in its broadest scope. We discuss the needs and challenges in the area of vaccine delivery, including restrictions posed by specific target populations, potentials of dedicated stable formulations and devices, and the use of adjuvants. Moreover, we address the current status and perspectives of vaccine delivery via several routes of administration, including non- or minimally invasive routes. Finally we suggest possible directions for future vaccine delivery research and development.