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Kraan, H., Ploemen, I, van de Wijdeven, G., Que, I, Lowik, C., Kersten, G., Amorij, J.P. , Alternative delivery of a thermostable inactivated polio vaccine, Vaccine, vol. 33, no. 17, pp. 2030-7. DOI
Kraan, H., van Herpen, P., Kersten, G., Amorij, J.P. , Development of thermostable lyophilized inactivated polio vaccine, Pharm Res, vol. 31, no. 10, pp. 2618-29. DOI
Kraan, H., Vrieling, H., Czerkinsky, C., Jiskoot, W., Kersten, G., Amorij, J.P. , Buccal and sublingual vaccine delivery, Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society, vol. 190, pp. 580-592. DOI
van der Maaden, K., Trietsch, S.J., Kraan, H., Varypataki, E.M., Romeijn, S., Zwier, R., van der Linden, H.J., Kersten, G., Hankemeier, T., Jiskoot, W., Bouwstra, J. , Novel Hollow Microneedle Technology for Depth-Controlled Microinjection-Mediated Dermal Vaccination: A Study with Polio Vaccine in Rats, Pharmaceutical research, vol. 31, issue 7, pp. 1846-1854. DOI
Ploemen, I.H.J., Hirschberg, H.J.H.B., Kraan, H., Zeltner, A., van Kuijk, S., Lankveld, D.P.K., Royals, M., Kersten, G.F.A., Amorij, J.P. , Minipigs as an Animal Model for Dermal Vaccine Delivery, Comparative Medicine, vol. 64, no. 1, pp. 50-54.
Tafaghodi, M., Saluja, V., Kersten, G.F., Kraan, H., Slutter, B., Amorij, J.P., Jiskoot, W. , Hepatitis B surface antigen nanoparticles coated with chitosan and trimethyl chitosan: Impact of formulation on physicochemical and immunological characteristics, Vaccine, vol. 30, no. 36, pp. 5341-8. DOI