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Ten Have, R., Westdijk, J., Levels, L.M., Koedam, P., de Haan, A., Hamzink, M.R., Metz, B., Kersten, G.F. , Trypsin diminishes the rat potency of polio serotype 3, Biologicals, vol. 43, no. 6, pp. 474-8. DOI
Raeven, R.H., van der Maas, L., Tilstra, W., Uittenbogaard, J.P., Bindels, T.H., Kuipers, B., van der Ark, A., Pennings, J.L., van Riet, E., Jiskoot, W., Kersten, G.F., Metz, B. , Immunoproteomic Profiling of Bordetella pertussis Outer Membrane Vesicle Vaccine Reveals Broad and Balanced Humoral Immunogenicity, J Proteome Res, vol. 14, no. 7, pp. 2929-42. DOI
Raeven, R.H.M., Brummelman, J., Pennings, J.L.A., Nijst, O.E.M., Kuipers, B., Blok, L.E.R., Helm, K., van Riet, E., Jiskoot, W., van Els, C.A.C.M., Han, W.G.H., Kersten, G.F.A., Metz, B. , Molecular Signatures of the Evolving Immune Response in Mice following a Bordetella pertussis Infection, Plos One, vol. 9, no. 8. DOI
Regnier, M., Metz, B., Tilstra, W., Hendriksen, C., Jiskoot, W., Norde, W., Kersten, G. , Structural perturbation of diphtheria toxoid upon adsorption to aluminium hydroxide adjuvant, Vaccine, vol. 30, no. 48, pp. 6783-8. DOI
Metz, B., Jiskoot, W., Mekkes, D., Kingma, R., Hennink, W.E., Crommelin, D.J.A., Kersten, G.E.A. , Quality control of routine, experimental and real-time aged diphtheria toxoids by in vitro analytical techniques, Vaccine, vol. 25, no. 39-40, pp. 6863-6871. DOI
Metz, B., Brunel, F., Chamberlin, C., van der Gun, J., Halder, M., Jiskoot, W., Kersten, G., van Opstal, O., Petersen, J.W., Ravetkar, S.D., Redhead, K., Schwanig, M., Wilhelmsen, E.S., Vann, W.F., Hendriksen, C. , The potential of physicochemical and immunochemical assays to replace animal tests in the quality control of toxoid vaccines - The report and recommendations of ECVAM workshop 61(a), Atla-Alternatives to Laboratory Animals, vol. 35, no. 3, pp. 323-331.
Metz, B., Kersten, G.F.A., Baart, G.J.E., de Jong, A., Meiring, H., ten Hove, J., van Steenbergen, M.J., Hennink, W.E., Crommelin, D.J.A., Jiskoot, W. , Identification of formaldehyde-induced modifications in proteins: Reactions with insulin, Bioconjugate Chemistry, vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 815-822. DOI
Metz, B., Kersten, G.F.A., Hoogerhout, P., Brugghe, H.F., Timmermans, H.A.M., de Jong, A., Meiring, H., ten Hove, J., Hennink, W.E., Crommelin, D.J.A., Jiskoot, W. , Identification of formaldehyde-induced modifications in proteins - Reactions with model peptides, Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 279, no. 8, pp. 6235-6243. DOI
Metz, B., Jiskoot, W., Hennink, W.E., Crommelin, D.J.A., Kersten, G.F.A. , Physicochemical and immunochemical techniques predict the quality of diphtheria toxoid vaccines, Vaccine, vol. 22, no. 2, pp. 156-167. DOI
Metz, B., Hendriksen, C.F.M., Jiskoot, W., Kersten, G.F.A. , Reduction of animal use in human vaccine quality control: opportunities and problems, Vaccine, vol. 20, no. 19-20, pp. 2411-2430. DOI