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Carstens, M.G., van der Maaden, K., van der Velden, D., Ottenhoff, T.H., Melief, C.J., Ossendorp, F., Bouwstra, J.A., Jiskoot, W. , Evaluation of the high-pressure extrusion technique as a method for sizing plasmid DNA-containing cationic liposomes, J Liposome Res, vol. 21, issue 4, pp. 286-295. DOI
Carstens, M.G., Camps, M.G., Henriksen-Lacey, M., Franken, K., Ottenhoff, T.H., Perrie, Y., Bouwstra, J.A., Ossendorp, F., Jiskoot, W. , Effect of vesicle size on tissue localization and immunogenicity of liposomal DNA vaccines, Vaccine, vol. 29, no. 29-30, pp. 4761-70. DOI