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Rahimian, S., Kleinovink, J.W., Fransen, M.F., Mezzanotte, L., Gold, H., Wisse, P., Overkleeft, H., Amidi, M., Jiskoot, W., Lowik, C.W., Ossendorp, F., Hennink, W.E. , Near-infrared labeled, ovalbumin loaded polymeric nanoparticles based on a hydrophilic polyester as model vaccine: In vivo tracking and evaluation of antigen-specific CD8 T cell immune response, Biomaterials, vol. 37C, pp. 469-477. DOI
Nabuurs, R.J., Kapoerchan, V.V., Metaxas, A., de Jongh, S., de Backer, M., Welling, M.M., Jiskoot, W., Windhorst, A.D., Overkleeft, H.S., van Buchem, M.A., Overhand, M., van der Weerd, L. , Polyfluorinated bis-styrylbenzenes as amyloid-beta plaque binding ligands, Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, vol. 22, issue 8, pp. 2469–2481. DOI