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van der Maaden, K., Varypataki, E.M., Yu, H., Romeijn, S., Jiskoot, W., Bouwstra, J. , Parameter optimization toward optimal microneedle-based dermal vaccination, Eur J Pharm Sci, vol. 64, pp. 18-25. DOI
van der Maaden, K., Yu, H.X., Sliedregt, K., Zwier, R., Leboux, R., Oguri, M., Kros, A., Jiskoot, W., Bouwstra, J.A. , Nanolayered chemical modification of silicon surfaces with ionizable surface groups for pH-triggered protein adsorption and release: application to microneedles, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, vol. 1, no. 35, pp. 4466-4477. DOI