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Monkare, J., Reza Nejadnik, M., Baccouche, K., Romeijn, S., Jiskoot, W., Bouwstra, J.A. , IgG-loaded hyaluronan-based dissolving microneedles for intradermal protein delivery, J Control Release, vol. 218, pp. 53-62. DOI
Amidi, M., Krudys, K.M., Snel, C.J., Crommelin, D.J.A., Della Pasqua, O.E., Hennink, W.E., Jiskoot, W. , Efficacy of pulmonary insulin delivery in diabetic rats: Use of a model-based approach in the evaluation of insulin powder formulations, Journal of Controlled Release, vol. 127, no. 3, pp. 257-266. DOI
Fretz, M.M., Hogset, A., Koning, G.A., Jiskoot, W., Storm, G. , Cytosolic delivery of liposomally targeted proteins induced by photochemical internalization, Pharmaceutical Research, vol. 24, no. 11, pp. 2040-2047. DOI
Sutter, M., Siepmann, J., Hennink, W.E., Jiskoot, W. , Recombinant gelatin hydrogels for the sustained release of proteins, Journal of Controlled Release, vol. 119, no. 3, pp. 301-312. DOI
Amidi, M., Romeijn, S.G., Borchard, G., Junginger, H.E., Hennink, W.E., Jiskoot, W. , Preparation and characterization of protein-loaded N-trimethyl chitosan nanoparticles as nasal delivery system, Journal of Controlled Release, vol. 111, no. 1-2, pp. 107-116. DOI