Research themes

Transdermal and dermal drug delivery

One of the major problems in transdermal and dermal delivery is overcoming the skin barrier properties. In this respect iontophoretic (electrically driven) delivery and passive delivery are both evaluated.

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Nasal and (epi) dermal vaccine delivery

A currently expanding research line is non-invasive or minimally invasive vaccine delivery. Novel particulate carrier systems are designed, characterized and evaluated for their ability to deliver subunit vaccines via the nasal epithelium or the dermal route to the immune system and elicit the desired immune response.

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Unwanted immunogenicity of therapeutic proteins

In contrast with vaccines, therapeutic proteins such as monoclonal antibodies, insulin, and interferons should be non-immunogenic. Unfortunately, practically all therapeutic proteins induce antibodies in patients upon chronic treatment. These anti-drug antibodies can lead to serious clinical problems, because they neutralize the activity of the drug, induce allergic or anaphylactic reactions, or cross-react with the endogenous counterpart of the drug.

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